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Plate of honour (the grand first-prize) - Rice Plate

December 07, 2007 - Source: Mumbai Mirror

Excerpts of the Reviews available online at Mumbai Mirror

To judge this as it were, as an audience-jury, I’d probably hand over the plate of honour (the grand first-prize) to a picture on this collection called Rice Plate.

The winning director, surprised as I was when the credits rolled, is a television actor making his filmmaking debut, Rohit Roy. It helps he has Shabani Azmi on his film. Azmi exceptionally performs a bigoted South-Indian woman, with mannerisms she may have rehearsed recently for Mahesh Dattani’s Morning Raga. The old lady nurses an active prejudice against Muslims. Over a few mundane minutes on the film (and in real-time), we watch her find a larger, tolerant sense of self. I’d have liked to know more of her. The screen fades, and we’re already on to the next film.