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Some decent Kahaaniyan

December 07, 2007 - Source: Rediff

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Pooranmashi might well be the best thing Meghna Gulzar has ever directed. An efficiently enacted tale of small-town excess in the face of 'unbecoming behaviour,' featuring Amrita Singh and Minissha Lamba, this one definitely suggested an upswing in the range and tenor of stories attempted by the filmmakers in this collection.

Rice Plate might be Rohit Roy's directorial debut and the first of these ten stories to directly be connected by the 'inspired-by' tag to material that already exists, but it is still a good story. Featuring Shabana Azmi [Images] playing a Hindu lady of South Indian origin and taking us through her quest to avoid contact with people of a faith other than her own, this one features strong performances from the leading lady as well as a masterfully understated appearance by Naseeruddin Shah. With a debut like this, one wonders if Mr Roy might not be better served by a career behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Gubbare is another tale clearly leading to a fairly predictable conclusion, right from the moment we are introduced to the setup in the form of a bickering couple played by Anita and Rohit Roy. Uplifted by Nana Patekar's  performance as the person Anita's character picks up a conversation with, the predictability in this case is a comforting blanket that suffuses the story with warmth and grace. Love, loss and the pain of a missed apology makes for a very lyrical tale.