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Dus Kahaniya: Visual Literature!

December 07, 2007 - Source:

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‘Rice Plate’ directed by Rohit Roy:
I am impressed with sanjay gupta’s perfect choice for this stories director. Rohit Roy surprises all with his sensitive story telling style. He keeps the grip on the story and keeps audience interested in it. Handling stalwarts like Nasiruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi and using them best isn’t always easy. But Rohit the does the job he has given by gupta with perfection. Extraordinary story which depicts sensitive issue of communal differences and falseness very simple and human manner. Performances are ofcourse outstanding.
BR Rating: ****

‘Pooranmashi’ directed by Meghana Gulzar:
Very unusual setting from all other stories. Has the “mitti ki sugandh” to it. Very beautifully narrated by Meghana Gulzar (sans any style, glitz and glamor). Settings are in a panjabi village (not very bollywood stylish with dancing sardars or makke di roti sarso da saag types). Its between the mother (Amrita Singh) and her daughter (Minisha Lamba). The story has unpredictable twists and makes you emotional. Very beautiful.
BR Rating: ****

‘Gubbare’ directed by Sanjay Gupta:
“Jindagi utani bhi lambi nahi jitna ham samazte hai” tells nana patekar to newly married Anita who just had an argument with her husband Rohit Roy and sat near him. He is having balloons in his hands which he tells he uses to apologizes her wife. Nana’s intriguing discussion with Anita bring interesting chemistry he and his wife has. As the story unfolds, Anita understands that its better to use the time we have in our life to it fullest happiness and avoid fickle arguments. Nana Patekar breaths life into the character of the man with balloons in his hands. Sanjay Gupta handles the simple heart touching tale with Elane. Good one again, Sanjay!
BR Rating: ***